Social Match for SDGs is matching service which Social Entrepreneur can be connected with cooperator over the world.

Social Match for SDGs is now in partnership with 19 Social Entrepreneurs. (20,Jan,2020)
Their field are medical, welfare, environment, food, manufacturing, infrastructure, road safety, education, art, etc.


About Our Service

The service was born in 2019, and various matchings were created, such as being determined as an information collection, business collaboration and more. The number of matchings exceeded 33 pairs. (20,Jan,2020)


  • For study tour
  • For information collection


  • For information collection or for marketing research
  • For business partners
  • For CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) or CSV (Creating Shared Value) projects


Matching Case

Cambodia Institute of Japanese Technology decided to recruit welfare social entrepreneur as a teacher.


Case 2,
Angkor Tiger FC held the workshop and invite Road Safety social entrepreneur.

Case 3,
Japanese caregiver visited medical social entrepreneur to share knowledge.


Case 4,
Japanese buyer export products to Japan which welfare social entrepreneur made.



CEO Background & Message

value Co.,Ltd. CEO Mio Haranhata

I joined Alibaba Japan and moved to Cambodia at the age of 23 and became as a manager in the recruitment agency CDL in Phnom Penh. After 3years I established value Co.,Ltd.

I have seen many social problems but I couldn’t solve it by myself but I met a lot of social entrepreneurs who tries to solve the social problems. Therefore, I have decided to match social entrepreneur and Japanese company to solve the social problems around the world to create a better society where I want to live.



One of the famous newspaper called “Mainichi-Shinbun” in Japan picked up Social Match for SDGs activity.



Comapny value Co.,Ltd.
Established DEC 2019
Director CEO Mio Harahata
COO Asami Higuchi
Address 3F Navi Shibuya V,  5-5 Maruyamacho Shibuya Tokyo
Phone Japan (+81) 050 5532 8361
Cambodia (+855) 010 23 44 60
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